The number of students from India and China in Russian universities increased in 2018 compared with the previous year by 37% and 31%, respectively. Growing interest in Russian universities is also observed in the CIS countries and Iraq. The total number of foreign students who have chosen Russia for higher education has increased by 16% over the year, reports Moscow 24.

The cited data is contained in the documents on the migration registration of foreigners who came to study in Russia. In 2018 alone, more than 76,000 Chinese students entered the country, whereas a year earlier their number did not reach 60,000. Indian citizens who came to study were given more than 20,000 entry permits.

The largest number of foreign students come to Russia from Kazakhstan - in 2018 their number reached more than 86 thousand. In the top ten countries, from where, in addition to the CIS countries, Iraq also entered the Russian universities most readily. Last year more than ten thousand students came from there. The total number of students in domestic universities is more than 536 thousand foreigners, the annual growth was 16%.

State and local authorities, who introduce various incentive tools, as well as large business implementing joint projects, contribute to the increase in the number of students from various countries. Russkiy Mir reported on the initiative of Rosatom Corporation to pay scholarships for students from India who have chosen to study nuclear technology in Russian universities.