Moscow Academy of International Education - an organization authorized by the Department of Culture of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in India, ensures the reception of Indian students at leading Russian universities.

At the Moscow Academy of International Education, we provide comprehensive information on education in Russia, provide better services and an individual approach to students, all this makes us the first in this field.

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For more information you can call us: +7-915-706-36-32.

The Moscow Academy of International Education guarantees:

  1. The relevance and completeness of information about the university in the framework of the program, the structure of the course, payment schedules and other important aspects that would help to make decisions to potential students.
  2. Providing relevant advertising brochures and other useful materials.
  3. Providing full marketing support in accordance with the contract.
  4. Encouragement of partners with a high number of enrollments, participation in seminars held by them.
  5. Regular tracking and suggestions for improving cooperation.
  6. Providing full support in the process of studying students.
  7. Organization of the visit of the delegation in accordance with the requirements of the Partner.

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The Moscow Academy of International Education with 25 years of experience is the right choice. We are glad to see you as our partner.