This year, for the second time, foreign students didn’t overlook this national park.

Departure took place on October 7, 2018, together with teachers AG Korneyev, O.V. Nuriahmetova (Department of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases) and D.A. Kryazhev (Department of General and Communal Hygiene).

Steep cliffs, a mountain river, a gorge, observation platforms and, undoubtedly, the Novomuradymovskaya cave itself captivated students. Here you want to be again and again! Long corridors and immense halls, an interesting story guide guide. There were enough positive emotions for the way back, and a charge of vivacity for the next few weeks.

The students of the foreign department expressed a great desire to participate in more excursion events, allowing them to experience the beauty and nature of the country in which they receive the profession of doctor.