Annually on June 6 in Russia there are two state holidays - Pushkin's Day and the Day of the Russian Language. In connection with this, from 1 to 11 June 2018, the Russian Language Department held a cycle of events for the birthday of the great Russian poet.

Teachers of the Russian language department conducted thematic class hours, which acquainted students with the biography of the poet. The curators conducted an excursion with the students of the first year to the hall of the Museum of Orenburg History "A. Pushkin in the Orenburg province. " There, students saw objects of everyday life of A.S. Pushkin, a copy of the cell in which the prisoner E. Pugachev was transported - the hero of the story "The Captain's Daughter", a posthumous mask by A.S. Pushkin and other.

June 6 - the birthday of A.S. Pushkin, Indian students took part in the "Tenth Pushkin Readings", conducted by the Orenburg State Agrarian University in the village Tatishchevo, Perevolotsky district. It was Tatischevskaya fortress that became the prototype of the Belgorod fortress from Pushkin's story "The Captain's Daughter". At the conference, students gave speeches, read poems by A.S. Pushkin in Hindi, and in conclusion visited the historical and literary museum "The Captain's Daughter" and a historical landmark - the Stone Bridge, built before the XVIII. It was on this bridge that E. Pugachev withdrew his army from the tsarist army, and afterwards A.S. Pushkin, collecting information about the Pugachev uprising.

Also, the Russian Language Department organized a competition of readers of poems by A.S. Pushkin. Foreign students of the 1st course took part in it.

The final stage of the cycle was the final event "Pushkin - our everything", which was held on June 7.

The students were shown a cartoon based on the work of A.S. Pushkin "The Tale of a Fisherman and a Fish". After watching the tale, the students divided into four teams and decided on the speed of the crossword on the scanned material, showing their attentiveness and ingenuity. Next was a creative task - to stage the "Tale of a Fisherman and a Fish", with which the "children of Bollywood" coped well and in addition to the required fairy tale, also showed the Indian version.