Established: 1967

Contact information: 430005, Republic of Mordovia, Saransk, st. Bolshevik, d. 68

The University is located in the central part of Russia. There are 2 branches, 28 buildings, 12 dormitories, where 4,800 people live, of which 3320 students, including 50 PhD students, and 544 families of university staff.

Scientific and pedagogical potential of the University is 1655 people. Of them, doctors of sciences, professors - 225 (13.5%); Candidates of Sciences, assistant professors - 1,089 (66%).

Training of students in the Mordovian University is conducted by full-time, part-time and evening forms. The university enrolled 24,290 students, of which 12 780 - full-time, 5992 - for part-time and 276 - in the evening classes. The shortened period of time (on the basis of existing malware and profile STR) trained: 4886 - for part-time, 99 - Evening courses. In addition, the university enrolled 248 foreign citizens in full-time and 9 - on correspondence.

The duration of study for full-time / part-time (evening) forms of study: 5/6 years (Training of specialists), 4/5 years (bachelor degree) and 2 / 2.5 years (Master). The Institute of Medicine, respectively, 6/7 years. Training is carried out in the form of lectures, laboratory, seminars and workshops.

The educational process at the university is conducted in the state language of the Russian Federation - Russian. By decision of the Academic Council of the university studies can be conducted in the languages ​​of the peoples of the Russian Federation and foreign languages.

The educational process is provided by 132 departments, including 14 basic departments in enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Mordovia.

Have developed their own educational standards "Biotechnology" and "Light and light sources"; unique educational program.

The university is a winner of the All-Russian contest "Quality systems for the training of graduates of vocational education institutions" in nomination "Recognized perfection". Educational programs of Mordovia State University. N. P. Ogarova pass professional public accreditation; are among the winners of the "Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia".