Russia, also officially known as the Russian Federation is a sovereign state in Northern Eurasia. Russia is the largest country in the world, covering more than one eighth of the land. Today, Russia has become a popular destination for foreign students who want to continue their higher education in medicine and science abroad. Medical universities are recognized worldwide.


Russia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The standard of teaching in medical universities in Russia is very high with a very low price. The Russian government spends a lot of effort on the development of universities to maintain the standards of its system of higher medical education. Russia proudly reports that of the top 100 medical universities in the list of "Directory of world medical schools" by the WHO 30 universities from the list of Russian. Students who are graduating MBBS in medical universities in Russia, working in the leading hospitals of the world.

Every year thousands of students from many countries such as India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. are go to Russia to study medicine and MBBS. All the medical universities in Russia accredited by the world's leading organizations such as WHO, UNESCO and Medical councils of many countries such as USA, UK, middle East, Australia, India, Canada, etc. total duration of MBBS in Russia is of 6 years with teaching in English. But if the student wants to learn Russian, the duration of the MBBS in Russia is 7 years which includes 1 year of Russian language study.

Learning medicine in Russia is the best option for Indian students. Tuition fees for MBBS in medical universities in Russia are very affordable in comparison with other countries. This makes Russia the preferred option for foreign students who wish to study medicine or bachelor of surgery (MBBS), doctor of medicine (MD) or other medical degree. The quality of education in medical universities of Russia are comparable to education in other developed countries like USA, UK etc.Teaching in most medical universities in Russia, conducted in English, allowing foreign students easier to adapt in school and in the country.

The benefits of MBBS in Russia

The admission process in MBBS in Russia is very simple and trouble free. Here are some of the following factors, which attract students from around the world to study in Russia:

Very affordable tuition fee in medical colleges of Russia.

All medical schools in Russia recognized by WHO, UNESCO and MCI.

The cost of living in Russia is very low, European standard of living.

In most medical universities in Russia teaching is conducted in English.

Learning medicine in Russia is not limited only to activity in the classroom. Students are given the opportunity of practical training, seminars and conferences.

Dormitories and other housing for medical students in Russia are in good condition and secure.

An excellent educational and sports facilities.

Russian medical universities are affiliated with a good hospital equipment and tertiary care.

It is known that in Russia, best medical universities around the world offering study MBBS.

To study medicine in Russia entrance examinations are not required.

Criteria for admission in MBBS in Russia

The student must be over 17 years at the time of admission (17 years must be fulfilled not later than 31 December of the year of admission). Students must complete a minimum of 50% score in 12th exam. Students belonging to categories of SC / ST and OBC are eligible with 40% of marks in total on the 12th exam.