Today, Russia has great popularity among foreign students wanting to continue studying MBBS abroad. Orenburg state medical University is ranked among the top medical universities in Russia in MBBS and other medical degrees. The University was founded in 1944 by the decision of the State Committee of Russia. Official founders of the Institute are Lazarenko F. M. histologist, Professor; Olifson L. E. chemist, associate Professor; Silantyev A. K. associate Professor, surgeon. The first Director of the Institute was the surgeon-dentist fetysov I.n.


Orenburg state medical University is located in the city of Orenburg in Russia, located in 1478 km (918 mi) South-East of Moscow.

In May 1946, the first batch of MBBS graduates from the Orenburg State Medical University was released.

The degree of MBBS in Orenburg state medical University recognize such major organizations as the world health organization (who), Medical Council of India (MCI).Students who are graduating MBBS in Orenburg state University, may return to work in India, after passing the exam conducted by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

About 200 medical workers come from the Orenburg State Medical University every year.Training at Orenburg state medical University is not only limited to class rooms,students are given the full opportunity to learn in practice by gaining experience. The curriculum of the University consists of 54 subjects in which students receive theoretical and practical training in the University. The University has about 47 departments and 300 professors, associate professors and doctors. Students should be trained in the hospital buildings, which helps them learn better. The medical faculty of the Orenburg state medical University trains well and is considered the best among all other medical universities offering MBBS and MD degree in Russia.

The University has 8 faculties: General medicine, Pediatrics, preventive care, clinical psychology, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing and the Department of postgraduate training of specialists.

In the faculties of Orenburg state medical University faculty of General medicine, Department of Pediatrics, faculty of dentistry, Department of preventive medicine, faculty of pharmacy and Department of clinical psychology.

Reasons to study in Orenburg state medical University:

1. Students who have obtained MBBS in Orenburg state medical University, have the right to work in any part of the world after passing the national medical exam in the country.

2. The degree of MBBS obtained in Orenburg state medical University, recognized by who and Medical Council of India (MCI).

3. The cost of studying MBBS in OSMU very affordable in comparison with other countries.

4. The quality of education in Orenburg state medical University is comparable to learning in many other developed countries such as USA, UK and Europe.

5. The process of admission to MBBS in Orenburg state medical University is very simple. For admission in Orenburg state medical University does not require any exams.

6. Students who do MBBS in Orenburg state medical University can participate in international conferences and seminars, which help them to gain more knowledge and experience.

7. Students who continue their education in MBBS in Orenburg state medical University, study in a comfortable environment with all amenities and world class infrastructure.

8. Students MBBS Orenburg State Medical University are practicing and practical clinical courses that help them in their quest to become successful doctors.

9. Teaching in Orenburg state medical University is conducted in English. This is a big advantage for foreign students.

10. Students are provided with all favorable conditions, for example, sports fields, rooms of the household with all necessary equipment, personal hygiene rooms, libraries, Internet, walk-in closets.