Medical Education in abroad has been becoming popular among students in India. Every year, thousands of Indian students apply in many countries like Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, Philippines etc to pursue MBBS in abroad. Most of these countries offer high quality medical education at a very affordable rate. The medical universities in Russia and other countries follow the international curriculum for MBBS and other medical courses. The medical universities in abroad are approved by the major organizations like WHO, UNESCO and MCI and offer high quality medical education. 
The students are not only interested in getting affordable medical education but also they look for high quality of education provided in the medical colleges in abroad. The process of admission in the medical universities in Russia and many other countries is very simple. No entrance exam, TOEFL or IELTS is required to get admission in MBBS in Russia. The students are offered two options for completing their MBBS abroad:
1. Complete their MBBS in 5 years and pursue their internship in India.
2. Complete their MBBS degree in 6 years in abroad with a mandatory internship abroad.
The five year MBBS program as mentioned above is a little cheaper than the second option which saves around Rs 4-5 lacs. But most of the universities normally offer a 6 year program with the internship. After completing the MBBS course in abroad from an MCI approved university, the student needs to clear MCI Screening Test / FMGE Exam. After that, the student must complete a one year internship in India and then he/she becomes eligible to register with the MCI to become a medical practitioner in India.
Benefits of MBBS in Abroad
Completing a medical degree from a university in Russia or any other medical university which is approved by the MCI provides many benefits to the students in their career path. Some of such benefits are mentioned below:
1. The Indian students, who complete their MBBS from a medical university which is recognized by MCI, can easily come back and work in India.
2. No entrance examination is required to get admission in MBBS abroad. The admission is done on the basis of the marks obtained in 12th standard.
3. The students are not required to pay any donation or capitation fees to get admission in MBBS in abroad.
4. Many universities provide scholarship programs for students.
5. The cost of MBBS in Russia is very low.
6. The living standard is comparable to any developed nation with a very affordable cost. 
Process of Admission for MBBS in Russia
The process of admission in medical colleges in abroad is very simple and hassle free. The student needs to submit the documents to us and we initiate the process of admission immediately. The admission letter is issued on submission of the following documents:
1. 12th Level results with eligibility matching as per the university.
2. Copy of the passport.
After submitting the documents, the student gets an invitation from the Ministry of Education from the respective country. After this, the consultant applies for the visa for the student. The students are provided with pre-departure training. A consultant is available at the airport to see of the students and one consultant is available at the destination airport to receive the students. The students are provided with accommodation by the consultancy.
Best Medical Universities to Study MBBS in Russia at low cost 
Many universities in Russia offer a high quality medical education at a very affordable rate. Perm state university and Mari State Medical University are two universities which offer MBBS at very low cost with a very good quality. Perm State Medical University is one of oldest and biggest universities located in the Perm city of Russia. At present there are around 569 employees in the university including highly qualified teachers and the candidates of medical sciences. The university is proud to have the great scientists and honored doctors working as faculty. The tuition fee of MBBS course in PSMU is around 9 lacs with high quality infrastructure and the best quality facilities provided to the students.
Mari State University is another reputed university in Russia which offers good quality education at a very affordable price. Mari State University is one of the five founder members of the International Association of Finno-Ugric universities, one of the forty-one members of Russia’s Association of Classical Universities.