Established:  1956

Faculties:  5

Teachers: 216

  • Doctor of Science 38
  • PhD 123

Contact Information:  443010 Russia, Samara, ul. Lva Tolstogo, 23

Volga State University of Telecommunications and Informatics - one of the four centers of Russian leading research and large-scale training of specialists in the fields of telecommunications, radio, computer science and economics. It consists of the Samara College of Communication, Stavropol, Kazan and Orenburg subsidiaries.

Now the university has 5 faculties, 24 departments, 2 affiliates, College of Communication. The number of students in all forms of education - 6339 persons. The number of Dissertation Council - 2. Body teachers PGUTI totals 251 people. Of the 216 full-time teachers have a degree of Doctor of Science - 38, PhD - 123 people; the title of professor - 29 people, senior lecturer - 79 people. The average age of teachers of 46.4 years.

faculties PGUTI

Faculty of ICT
Faculty RTA
Faculty TR
Faculty LP