Established:  1920

Total students:  36000

Foreign students:  1700

Department: 18

Teachers:  3940

  • Professors 541
  • docents 1846
  • Doctor of Science 605
  • PhD 1940
  • 80 foreign teachers

Basic educational programs for foreigners:  313

  • Undergraduate 85
  • Master 74
  • Specialty 123
  • Preparation of highly qualified personnel 31

Additional educational programs for foreigners:  61

  • prevocational training program 10
  • The study of Russian as a Foreign Language 6
  • Short program 15
  • Other programs 30

Contact information: 620002, Ekaterinburg, Russia, st. Worldwide d. 19 UFU

UFU - one of the largest universities in Russia. Located in Yekaterinburg - the modern and dynamic district of the Urals, the fourth in the country in terms of population.

Ural Federal University - is a public institution established by the Ministry of Education of Russia. For almost a century, he became one of the recognized leaders in the field of research and education.

The university has more than 2000 teachers, among which the world experts in the field of natural, technical and social sciences. The UFU trained more than 30,000 students from 65 countries of the world, and graduates of the university community of more than 300 000 people.

Eighteen university institutes offer more than 350 programs for bachelors, masters and graduate students in areas of natural, social and human sciences, economics and management.

Instruction is in English and Russian.

Science University infrastructure includes 72 key center of excellence and 12 international laboratories, led by scientists from leading Western universities. Access to unique equipment and the possibility of cooperation with international researchers opens up opportunities for scientific activity of students.

Priority areas of research in the Ural Federal University are:

Information technology and the man in the information society.
Energy, resource conservation and environmental management.
Flexible technologies and new materials.
Living systems and health.

UFU - an open international platform. Students have the opportunity to attend open lectures by renowned scientists and politicians. For example, in 2015 the university made a Nobel laureate and a leading world expert in the field of climate change, Professor Jean Zhuzel, German Foreign Minister Professor Frank-Valter Shtaynmayer.

All students UFU can take part in exchange programs, who spend a semester or a year in one of the 64 university partner universities from 22 countries. Ural Federal University is actively supporting the production of its students international experience.

The University operates a system of grant support for students and young researchers. Annually grants:

for postdoctoral studies of foreign scientists;
to study at the Ural Federal University foreign students;
on semester training in UFU foreign students;
semester students on UFU training abroad.

Academic traditions of the University and the introduction of global best practices allow to provide high quality education to carry out groundbreaking research projects and bring UrFU to realize the dream - to become the first world-class university in the heart of Eurasia.

international partnership

UFU is actively developing international contacts. Participates in international network projects as the League universities BRICS , BRICS Network University, the University of the CIS, SCO University, University of the Arctic, the Association of technical universities of Russia and China. The total number of foreign partners University college reaches 400.

Every year more than 500 students and staff UFU go abroad for academic mobility programs, including at the expense of the university grants; at least 200 students from foreign universities come to UFU on academic exchange programs and international schools.

UFU students can spend a semester abroad in the framework of academic exchange programs, selecting one of the 45 partner universities, or taking part in one of the network of international programs (Erasmus, North2North, Mevlana). Among the countries with which the University implements exchange programs Austria, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, China, Korea, Mexico, Romania, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Finland, France, Czech Republic.

Scientists UFU participate in major international research support programs - Seventh Framework Program of the European Union, the institution of the program "Open Society» RESET HESP.

Since 2013, the University has an International Academic Council, chaired by the Nobel laureate, director of the Institute Professor Jean Laplace Zhuzelem. The board also includes a professor at the New Economic School Shlomo Weber, the Russian Ministry adviser Isaak Frumin, director of the Center for Knowledge, entrepreneurship and analysis of the City University of Hong Kong Kevin Dauning, president of the American Councils for International Education Dan Davidson and other famous scientists. One of the objectives of association - the establishment of closer ties UFU with leading scientific and educational centers of the world.

UFU is a corporate member of international organizations such as the Russian Council on International Affairs, EMBRI, ECPR, EUCEET, EFMD.

Ural Federal University - is an open space where there are representatives of different cultures of the world. In 2008, at the Institute of Social and Political Sciences Ural Federal University was created a unique Chinese cultural and educational center - the Confucius Institute, and in 2013 opened a Thai Cultural Center at the university.

UFU supports close ties with the diplomatic missions of Germany, France, USA, Great Britain, Hungary, China and other countries. Every year, the University has more than a hundred foreign delegations representing the world's leading universities, diplomatic structures and large enterprises. The unique atmosphere of a truly international university create open lectures of foreign scientists, diplomats and artists, international conferences, exhibitions and meetings.