Established:  1988

Contact information:  432017, Russian Federation, Ulyanovsk, Lva Tolstogo Street, Building 42.

Ulyanovsk State University is the youngest university in the city. Its history began in February 1988 with the adoption of the USSR Council of Ministers on the opening of Ulyanovsk branch of Moscow State University named after Lomonosov.

Ulyanovsk State University is one of the leading universities of the Volga region, developing several projects in the sphere of high technologies. Research in the field of nanotechnology - Key direction of development of the country's economy, Acquiring in Russia the scale of the national priority.Creation of a Center of nanotechnologies and materials on the basis of the Ulyanovsk State University, emphasizes the active participation of USU in the process of introducing new technologies in the science and industry of the region. The university has accumulated a solid base of theoretical and experimental research in the field of nanotechnology are expanded contacts with partners from other cities.

Ulyanovsk State University is actively positioning itself as a university of a healthy lifestyle. USU structure includes a unique unit - the Institute of Medicine, Ecology and Physical Culture - allows you to consolidate the efforts of scientists in the implementation of large-scale projects and interdisciplinary research. health saving technologies potentially bring together more than 15 schools of Ulyanovsk State University, In the structure of which there are more than 142 doctors and 469 candidates of science. The results of comprehensive research in the field of radiation material science, physics, lasers, nanotechnology, technology support life cycle of studies in recent years, fully focused on the decision of applied problems of medicine, health, biology, chemistry, ecology, environmental management, physical culture and sports.

An important priority of USU is international cooperation. The university successfully operate the Russian-American and Russian-German faculty, Graduates of which receive simultaneously diplomas of Russian and foreign models. Organized joint structure with the University of Palermo (Italy). The plans - to strengthen business ties with universities in the USA, the Czech Republic, Germany, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries, exchange of teachers, development of language schools and student programs.


Economics and Business Institute
The Institute of Medicine, Ecology and Physical Culture
Institute of International Relations
additional education institution
Open Education Institute
Research Institute of Technology

independent departments

Department of Mathematics, information technology and aviation
Engineering Physics and High Technologies Department
law school
Faculty of Arts and Social Technologies
Faculty of Culture and Arts
Faculty transfer specialties
Faculty of teacher training
Zavolzhsky Economics and Humanities Faculty

Structure of secondary vocational education

Medical College
School of Music im.G.I. Shadrina
Automotive technical School
Modern open college "FALCON"