Established:  1957

Total students:  16000

Foreign students: 350

Department: 10

Teachers:  500

  • Doctor of Science 42
  • PhD 250

Contact information:  432027, Ulyanovsk, Severnaya Venice 32

UlSTU - the largest educational institution of the Ulyanovsk region. It founded in 1957.

The University is one of the leading scientific centers of the Volga region. Today the university is in the process of sustainable building scientific and pedagogical forces and new technologies and forms of education. Carried out a full transition to a multi-level system of training of personnel, embarked on the humanization of technical education.

New time required the appearance of new structures, which significantly expanded the possibility of obtaining the basic, additional, parallel, and distance education. Most attention is given to the departments of development of information technology training using modern computer and multimedia equipment.

Each year the university opened new educational directions and specialties, to the maximum extent to ensure young people the desire for knowledge, as evidenced by the growing competition for entrance examinations.

Ulyanovsk State Technical University - is:

more than 14 000 students of various forms of education;
training of 52 departments on 33 directions and 48 specialties;
More than 500 teachers, among them - 42 professors doctors of sciences, about 250 assistant professors PhDs, more than 50 members and corresponding members of branch academies;
experience eight years of participation in centralized testing;
about 1,000 computers, more than 600 computers in a corporate network with Internet access, 54 display class;
the largest in the city university library , which has about 1.2 million books, magazines, electronic publications, videos and other information sources;
scientific developments, awarded at the World Exhibition of Inventions in Paris and Brussels;
84 buildings and facilities, including 8 educational buildings, 6 hostels, 7 apartment houses, dining rooms, a dispensary, a sports camp.


Extramural and evening faculty
Economics and Mathematics Faculty
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies
energy Department
Radio School
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Remote and further education institution
Institute of Aviation Technology and Management (Faculty of Law)