Established: 2006

Total students:  33046

Foreign students:  481

Department: 19

Teachers:  3105

  • Professors 233
  • docents 1044
  • Doctor of Science 362
  • PhD 1554
  • 21 foreign teachers

Basic educational programs for foreigners:  584

  • Undergraduate 208
  • Master 160
  • Specialty 97
  • Training of highly qualified personnel 119

Additional educational programs for foreigners:  54

  • prevocational training program 22
  • The study of Russian as a Foreign Language 8
  • Short program 24

Forms of training:

  • Full-time
  • remote

 Contact information: 236016, Russia, Kaliningrad, ul. Alexander Nevsky d. 14, BFU

International research laboratories: 5
The average age of the teaching staff, years: 46
The average capacity of a contract for research and development, $: 16300
Small innovative companies: 42
The share of non-resident students,%: 65

In order to prepare highly qualified specialists and development of innovative technologies for the plants located in the harsh conditions of the North, Siberian Federal University was founded in 2006. Difficult to find in our country, the region, which has a number of national projects, where there is also a lot of "growth points" in education, science and industry.

Today Siberian Federal University is the largest university in the Urals. We have trained about 35 000 students from different parts of Russia and 30 foreign countries, including the 25% of students from other regions of the country and 500 students from the countries of near and far abroad. University ranks second in Russia in terms of budgetary reception (about 6000 people).

Siberian Federal University is rightly named the fastest-growing University of Russia. During its existence the University has advanced in the Russian and international rankings. The University is in the top 15 national rankings and is on the 6th place among the universities of employers estimate (criterion - the demand for graduates). The SFU has 3 stars QS Stars rating. As for the quality of teaching, innovation and infrastructure of SFU received the highest grade QS rating - 5 stars.

Scientific research

University offers great opportunities for the development of basic and applied research. Thanks to targeted investments, the University has developed the instrument base.

Research priorities:

natural resources, environment and sustainable development;
metallurgy, geology and geotechnology;
processing and transportation of hydrocarbons;
modern navigation and communication systems;
New building technologies;
industrial biotechnology and biomedicine;
Oil and gas;
sports management and sports technology;
socio-cultural study of the problems related to the conservation of indigenous northern peoples.

One of their destinations is a comprehensive approach to environmental management of unique areas, such as the boreal forest and the Arctic. Siberian Federal University is leading in the field of ecology and the environment, sustainable development, forestry, geography, remote sensing, biophysics, biogeochemistry, and others, thanks to advanced scientific schools and cooperation with foreign partners. SFU also operates 42 small innovative enterprises in the field of technology and consulting services.

In the SFU today there are 75 research laboratories, 5 of them - the international scientific research:

Laboratory of Bioluminescent Technologies under the guidance of Professor Osama Shimoumar (USA), Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry;
Biotechnology Laboratory of new materials under the supervision of Professor John Anthony Sinskaya (MIT, USA);
Central Siberian Laboratory on Global Change Climate Sib-Lab, led by Professor Christiane Shmullius, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany;
Laboratory of Genomic Research, led by Professor Konstantin Krutovsky, University of Göttingen (Germany), at the same time he is also the head of the Laboratory of Forest Genetics and Genomics, College Station, Texas (USA);
Laboratory complex analysis and differential equations, led by Professor of the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and the Imperial College of London (UK) Ari Laptev.

International Partnership:

At SFU concluded agreements with more than 110 various universities and research institutions in 34 countries abroad. Foreign and Russian students have the opportunity to participate in grant programs that support international academic mobility.

At the moment, in SFU over 500 foreign students from 30 countries enrolled in various programs, undergo training or internships as part of the exchange. The largest number of students - from the CIS countries, there are students from Nigeria, Ecuador, Vietnam, Antigua and Barbuda, Colombia, Laos, Mongolia, Syria, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine. Regularly to our included training and internship students come from Japan, Spain, the Czech Republic, China and Germany.

The University has more than 20 teachers and researchers from 9 countries, the SFU annually visited by more than 150 foreign visit of professors. At the SFU 160 international treaties with 36 countries. In addition, there are 18 educational programs with internationally accredited by the European Council business education (ECBE).

Siberian Federal University is a member of international associations such as the Arctic, the University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the Eurasian Association of Universities, the Russian-Chinese Association of Economic Universities, the Association of Technical Universities of China and Russia.