Established:  1942

Contact information: 443086, Russia, Samara, Moscow Shosse 34, Samara State Aerospace University.

Total students: 7654

Foreign students: 390

Faculties:  8

Teachers:  2073

  • Professors 160
  • 433 associate professors
  • Doctor of Science 160
  • PhD 433
  • 3 foreign teachers

Basic educational programs for foreigners: 139

  • Undergraduate 29
  • Master 17
  • Specialty 5

Additional educational programs for foreigners: 17

  • The study of Russian as a Foreign Language 1


Samara State Aerospace University - one of the leading Russian universities, has the status of national research university. Unique Research and Education Center, which trains professionals working in the field of aerospace technology.

The University consists of four institutions: the rocket and space technology; engines and power plants; aircraft; electronics and instrumentation, as well as from several faculties: Engineering Technology, Computer Science, Economics and Management, Biological Mechanics and Mathematics, and others.

Among the teachers - Academician, 3, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, about 100 academicians and corresponding members of public academies of sciences, 160 doctors of sciences and 438 candidates of sciences.

Available to students 54 undergraduate programs and graduate specialties. They learn the advanced biotechnology to develop new nanostructured materials, can create and launch into orbit its own satellite, to participate in the development of instrumentation for spacecraft in various scientific experiments. At the disposal of students of 3D-printer, a supercomputer, "Sergey Korolev" and even a training airfield.

The construction department students collect light aircraft "Hawk", working on a model of launch vehicles that regularly run at the site Biscarrosse (France) - SSAU team is the only Russian participant C'Space festival.


Samara State Aerospace University is actively developing cooperation with educational and research institutions in different countries (Brazil, Spain, Malaysia, Sweden, Latvia, Germany, France, Britain, China, CIS countries, and so on. D.).

At the moment, the University has entered into an agreement with 67th leading universities. The main areas of cooperation:

the program of academic mobility;
double degree program;
joint participation in scientific conferences;
writing and publication of joint scientific articles;
joint research;
participation of visiting professors at Samara State Aerospace University.

To date, established joint lab SSAU with the following universities:

University of Stuttgart, Germany.
University of Houston, USA.
University of Bath, UK.
Purdue University, USA.
Technical University of Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, Germany.
Northwestern Polytechnical University, China.

Implementing programs of double degree Master's and Doctoral SSAU with universities:

Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA.
University of Vigo, Spain.
Harbin Institute of Technology, China.
Technical University of Clausthal, Germany.

Among SSAU partners also:

Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, Belgium.
Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain.
Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.
Luleå University of Technology, Sweden.
University of St Andrews, UK.
University of Applied Sciences MS Ramayana, India.
University of Science and Technology Beijing, China.

In 2011, started cooperation with the Institute of Aeronautics and Space ISAE (France) in the framework of the joint project of the student to participate in the annual competition of the National Center of Space Studies of France (CNES). At the invitation of CNES team of undergraduate and graduate students SSAU annually takes part in the activities C'Space, which successfully carries out launches a large-scale model of the rocket "Soyuz".

Samara State Aerospace University is a member of the International Astronautical Federation, and is also involved in major international projects QB50 - European Initiative for Atmospheric Research.

SSAU annually hosts international summer school with the participation of students and teachers from around the world:

International Summer Space School "Advanced space technologies and experiments in space";

Management of high technology;

Summer School on engine building (in collaboration with the University of Stuttgart).

SSAU performs research and development work for such companies as Bosch, Schneider Electric, Haldor Topsoe A / S, Alcoa and others.

The University active interaction with recruiting agent. SSAU annually organized promotional tour to Latin America (with ALAR organization) and the CIS countries in order to attract students.


Samara national University named after academician S. P. Korolev offers more than 50 educational programs of bachelor's degree and specialty for foreign citizens.
  • Institute of rocket and space technology
  • Institute of engines and power plants
  • Institute of aviation technology
  • Institute of informatics, mathematics and electronics
  • Institute of economics and management
  • Social and humanitarian institute
  • Natural science institute
  • Law faculty
The cost of training for the 2019/2020 academic year: 3300-4200 USD