Established:  1925

Faculties:  6

Contact Information:  Saint-Petersburg, ul. Lithuanian, d. 2

Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University (Medical University SPSPMU Russian Ministry of Health) - the oldest pediatric institution of higher education in the world. The University Clinic is the heiress of the city children's hospital "In memory of the sacred crowning of their Imperial Majesties."

The university was founded January 7, 1925, as the Institute of Maternity and Infancy.

For many decades the university is an international center of higher medical education. Over the past half-century have graduated from its several thousand foreign students from 70 countries from 4 continents. At present, the doors of the University are open for students from more than 50 countries. A person of any gender, nation and race may be admitted to SPSPMU, regardless of political or religious beliefs of any State which has diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation.


Faculty of Pediatrics
Faculty of Clinical Psychology
Faculty "General Medicine"
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of postgraduate and additional professional education
Dean's office with foreign trainees


Pediatrics, Medicine, Medical and preventive work, Medical Biophysics, Dentistry, Clinical Psychology