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RyazGMU began its work in 1943. The management of the institution has always been serious about the quality of the students' preparation. This has allowed the university to become one of the leaders of Ryazan in teaching and research activities. RyazGMU now has the status of international university.

Today the University conducts training programs of higher and secondary vocational education, it is a major center of medical science and health prevention activities.

On the basis of the university there is the Ryazan branch of the Eurasian Academy of Medical Sciences, which brings together scientists of the Eurasian territory, dealing with medical problems,Promotes the implementation of scientific fundamental and applied research in the field of medicine and the creation of conditions for the disclosure of the creative potential of scientists,Including the training of scientific personnel of highly qualified doctors and biologists, and the development of contacts between scientists from different countries. The scientific work of the Academy is focused on several directions, including medical and social problems of demographic development of the countries and some territories of Eurasia; actual problems of clinical medicine (cardiovascular diseases, Socially significant diseases, respiratory diseases, etc.); optimize the management of general health care system.

Scientists at the University annually take an active part in major international scientific meetings, congresses and conferences on palliative care, treatment of cardiovascular, broncho-pulmonary, surgery, endocrinology, urology, psychiatric, dermatological, ophthalmologic, infectious diseases, public health organizations (Austria, UK, Germany, Holland, Greece, Italy, Spain, China, Slovenia, Turkey, Tunisia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Ukrain).

More than 30 employees of the university are academicians and corresponding members, 10 international and foreign public academies: the International Academy of Sciences, the International Academy of Informatization, the New York Academy of Sciences, the International Academy of Ecology, Man and Nature, the Eurasian Academy of Medical Sciences, the International Academy of Psychological Sciences , the International higher education Academy of Sciences, the International Academy of pedagogical education Sciences, the International Academy of management theory and practice , The British Academy of Pharmacists, the European Academy of Natural and others.

A number of employees of clinical departments have international certificates GCP ( "good clinical practice").

Since 2003, the University conducted the research program of the World Health Organization: World of Health Research (in collaboration with the Research Institute of Social Hygiene, Economics and Management of Health ), The international project "Practical Approaches to Lungs Health" (with Institute of Pulmonology); for the Study of Global Aging and health of the adult population according to the WHO methodology (jointly with the National Research Institute of Public Health of Medical Sciences).
Every year clinical departments of the University have been cooperating with about 30 foreign pharmaceutical companies, such as the "Berlin-Chemie", "Boehringer Ingelheim", "Pharmacy and Andzhon", "Avtoshov", "Schering-Plow", "Pfizer", "Sanofi" "KRKA", "Servier", "Gedeon Richter", "Pliva», «ASTA Medica», «Grindeks", "Shreya" Balkanfarma "Nerich mack nachf», «Ranbaxy", "Egis», «Dr. reddy? s »,« Kami Medical "," Promed "," Transatlantic "," Insen "," Himalaya Drag Co "," Johnson & Johnson "," Novartis "," Glasko "," Bionorica "," Yamanouchi EuropeAid " "Astellas", "Solvey pharma", "Glenmark" "Promed-Export", "Alcon", "Ferrosan International A / S" and others.


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General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Medical and preventive work, Pharmacy, Clinical Psychology, Nursing, Public Health