Established:  1960

Total students:  27402

Foreign students:  6841

Department: 17

Teachers:  3021

  • Professors 343
  • 687 associate professors
  • Doctor of Science 642
  • PhD 1510
  • 16 foreign teachers

Basic educational programs for foreigners:  523

  • Undergraduate 68
  • Master 172
  • Specialty 11
  • Training of highly qualified personnel 272

Additional educational programs for foreigners:  902

  • The study of the Russian language as a foreign 52
  • Short program 50
  • Other programs 800

Contact information:  117198, Russia, Moscow, ul. Maclay d. 6 RUDN

Patents for inventions, utility models, industrial designs, selection achievements (including US patents, Japan, the CIS countries): 590
Evidence of the Russian Federation on the program and the database: 175
Scientific discoveries: 1
Number of collective use centers, equipped with modern equipment and carrying out scientific research in the fields of physics, chemistry, engineering design, nano- and biotechnologies, medicine and pharmacy: 4
Scientific and educational laboratories: 150
Research and education centers: 40

People's Friendship University - multidisciplinary university, with almost 28,000 students, residents and fellows from 152 countries of the world. Multiethnicity - is one of the main features of the university. Multi-level system of higher education (undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate (PhD-program), residency), and 7 faculties and 10 institutes provide students with opportunities for quality education.

Cooperation with leading partner universities from the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, China allows us to implement more than 130 joint educational programs. International accreditation received 18 graduate and undergraduate programs. In addition, the People's Friendship University continues to lead in the number of master's programs in English: now there are more than 30.

All students can receive an additional interpreter diploma: their choices are represented by 12 foreign languages. By analogy with the European credit system (ECTS), according to the results of studies graduate is awarded a single application to the European Diploma of Higher Education.

The university has traditionally strong scientific schools in the following areas: mathematics, medicine, chemistry, linguistics and in teaching Russian as a foreign language.

Rudny carried out research in the field of pharmacology, nanobiomedtehnologii, telecommunication systems, mathematical prediction, geoinformatics, tropical agriculture, economy of space activities with the use of simulation methods, economic and mathematical modeling, and others.

international partnership

International partnership - one of the main activities of the Russian Peoples' Friendship University (PFUR)

PFUR - basic university of Network University of the CIS, headed by the rector's office of the University of the SCO, is included in the Venice consortium of universities, are actively involved in the formation and development of the Network University of the BRICS.
RUDN involved in UN programs and forums, UNESCO and the Council of Europe. The University established the Department of Comparative Politics, which has the status of a UNESCO Chair.
The University has more than 250 cooperation agreements with foreign universities and research centers.
Joint educational programs of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate from foreign universities - the main card of PFUR as a reliable international partner.

People's Friendship University - the leader among all Russian universities on joint educational program of two diplomas (over 50), and the program included training (more than 80 for each of them, the student receives the corresponding transcript) with the leading universities of the world.

Among the joint educational programs: "Nature and resources, land and environmental law", "international trade", "International Business Management", "Sustainable development and environmental safety", "Theoretical and Applied Linguistics", "Applied and Mathematical Physics", "Engineering physical technologies in the nanotechnology industry "," Political problems of international relations and global development "," Foreign Area Studies "," Public administration "," health Care Management "," Management in tourist om Business "," Innovation in business creation and management "," Management and design of urban green infrastructure "and many others.

The main partners in this area are: the Shanghai Foreign Languages ​​University (China), Shandong University (China), University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis (France), International Management Institute, National University of Science, Technology and Management in Paris (CNAM) (France), University Alcalá de Henares (Spain), Lanzhou University of China (PRC), King Juan Carlos University (Spain), Berlin school of Economics and Law (Germany), technical University of Munich), University of Potsdam (Germany), University Yonchop nga (Sweden), Tishii University (Italy) and others.

Academic exchange (education)
In 2015, in internships, summer and winter schools, and other forms of educational mobility was attended by over 600 students and residents and about 200 teachers.
Academic exchange (science)
in the current year in exchange programs was attended by about 150 students participated, graduate students and residents and about 100 teachers. The People's Friendship University with the scientific and educational purposes were over 300 foreign universities professors.
In this direction is actively developing cooperation with such universities as the University of Venda (South Africa), Center for Russian and Central Asian Studies University. J.. Nehru (India), Mohammed the Fifth University (Morocco), Center for Research them. Kant University of Trier (Germany), University Pierre Mendes-France (Grenoble, France), University of Heidelberg (Germany), Technical University of Berlin (Germany) and others.

Joint supervision of Master and PhD dissertation research is one of the fastest growing areas of international cooperation:

European Union policy towards the Republic of Azerbaijan (France).
The impact of social conditions on the structural and morphological aspects of Russian speech of ethnic Germans in modern Germany (FRG).
Pharmaco-epidemiological study of hepatitis B and C (Morocco).
Weighted integral inequalities on cones of monotone functions and Quasiconcave (Sweden), and others.

Joint research conducted with leading research groups overseas universities. In 2015 in joint research projects was attended by about 100 students participate, postgraduates and academic staff RUDN:

Green building (United Kingdom, Côte d'Ivoire).
Mass spectrometry (Montenegro).
Quantum calculations (USA).
A cross-cultural study of life satisfaction (PSI CHI) and others.

Joint educational programs and research projects in interdisciplinary areas:

Innovative technologies and nanotechnology in medicine, pharmacy and biotechnology.
Gravitation, cosmology and relativistic astrophysics.
Integrated water resources management.
Interdisciplinary regional research: BRICS, the Middle East region, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and others.