Established:  1930

Faculties:  5

Contact Information:  Rostov-On-Don, trans. Nakhichevan, d. 29

Rostov State Medical University -The largest basic educational and research center in the South of Russia. Over the 85 years of its existence it has become a diversified complex with 10 departments, medical college, military training center and a private clinic.

To improve the quality of education  more than six hundred doctors and candidates of sciences, constantly introducing innovative and interactive forms of education. At present, 92 departments are functioning at the RSMU, the youngest of them is the Department of Medical Law. Students absolutely get employed, which speaks about the prestige of the specialties received at the university.

additional education system is divided into several categories. At the university, there are programs of training and retraining of doctors and employees of health care organizations in southern Russia. In addition, the University is functioning the preparatory faculty for the training of foreign nationals. Indeed, RostMU is an international university, in which representatives of more than one hundred nationalities and nations of the world are trained.

Annually about eight thousand listeners-doctors are trained at the faculty of advanced training, more than a thousand interns and residents - At the faculty of professional retraining of specialists.

Thanks to its reputation and strong links with other universities, the University is actively developing direction of international scientific cooperation. Teachers and students interact with foreign research centers, exchange staff with England, USA, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova. And this is not a complete list RSGMU medical geography.

The scientific activity of the university represented by the central research laboratory (CSRL), which carries out a wide range of biochemical, molecular-genetic, morphological, microbiological studies. The Institute of Immunology and the Research Institute of Urology and Nephrology work at the university. Research is carried out in five main directions: medical-biological problems; ecological and hygienic health problems of the population; scientific and organizational basis for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major diseases of women, mothers and children; scientific and organizational basis for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases; scientific and organizational basis for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major diseases of internal organs. There are three dissertation councils for the protection of master's and doctoral theses.

University trains medical personnel for 102 countries of the world, more than a hundred foreign students receive diplomas each year within its walls, carried out post-graduate training of foreign citizens.


Preventive-treatment faculty,
Department of Pediatrics,
Medical-prophylactic faculty,
Faculty of Dentistry,


General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Medical and preventive work, Pharmacy