Established:  1940

Total students:  12794

Foreign students:  200

Department: 17

Teachers:  991

  • Professors 930
  • 438 associate professors
  • Doctor of Science 138
  • PhD 529
  • 10 foreign teachers

Basic educational programs for foreigners:  77

  • Undergraduate 54
  • Master 19
  • Specialty 5

Additional educational programs for foreigners:  4

  • Prevocational training program 1
  • The study of Russian as a Foreign Language 1
  • Short program 2

Contact information:  185910, Russia, Petrozavodsk, Prospekt Lenina 33 Petrozavodsk State University.

PSU - a large classical university, located in the northwest of Russia. Since 2012, the university won in 7 federal competitions and received state support.

Today, the PSU includes 40 scientific, educational and innovation centers, 12 innovation and technology centers, 24 small businesses, established the University, 3 testing center on the knowledge of foreign languages ​​(Russian, English; TORFL, TOEFL, TOLES), 8 academic buildings, publishing, library with more than 1.4 million books, a swimming pool and botanical garden. According to the results of research 110 patents have been obtained.

The university offers more than 60 training programs in various fields. It is the only university which train specialists in Finnish, Karelian and Vepsian languages. PSU - the leader in the field of training of programmers. RealTrac technology (positioning facilities for indoor), developed at the university, took first place in the international competition of local positioning systems EvAAL-2013 (Spain).

The university has a strong research complex. In 2009, scientists discovered a small planet PSU Petrsu. PSU Professor Aleksandr Meygal participated in the "Mars-500" international experiment. At the university operates a research center "Oxide Electronics" - leading to the development and creation of components and devices nekremnevoy micro- and nanoelectronics.

international partnership

PSU has concluded 87 agreements on cooperation with 30 countries. The University conducts academic exchange programs with 20 universities abroad.

PSU has twenty years of experience in teaching foreign students. Every year at the university studying more than 200 entrants from around the world, and 250 students of PSU internships or study at foreign universities within the framework of the Erasmus Mundus program, FIRST, CIMO, TEMPUS, and others.

Each year, PSU implements at least 30 international projects with the support of international organizations. The university cooperates with UNESCO, the University of the Arctic, the Working Group on Education and Science of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council, the National Council for Education of Finland, the International Association of Finno-Ugric and other universities.