Established:  1935

Faculties:  8

Contact Information:  Novosibirsk, Krasny Prospect, d 52..

Novosibirsk State Medical University was founded in 1935. Since then, more than 30,000 scientists and doctors have graduated from the University. University graduates - demanded experts  who are accepted into the ranks of their colleagues by domestic and foreign clinics and educational institutions.

University come a long way, it has a glorious history and Good traditions. A stable and at the same time constantly evolving university at a high level prepares medical and teaching staff, in front of his faculty team is facing new tasks that are equally important for medical science, education and clinical practice.

Currently, Novosibirsk State Medical University has more than 1,700 employees. 8 faculties in universities, has about 5000 students, 76 faculties, 300, and 600 medical residents and interns. More than 200 graduate students are enrolled in NSMU. Classes are held at 70 clinical sites located in major medical institutions in Novosibirsk.

University implements basic educational directions of training specialists in programs of higher education, "Medicine", "Clinical Psychology", "Pediatrics", "Medical prophylaxis", "Stomatology", "Pharmacy", "Medical Biochemistry", "Medical Biophysics "" social work "," Management. "

NSMU employees involved in international health projects, conferences, congresses and symposia are trained in foreign universities, university professors lectured at medical centers in the US and Europe. Graduates work in prestigious universities in Europe (Germany, Belgium, France), Japan, the US, New Zealand and Australia, occupying the positions of heads of departments and laboratories.

All the years of existence the University has trained over 32 thousand. Doctors were trained tens of thousands of practical public health specialists.

Scientific research in NSMU performed within 6 branches of science (medical, biological, pharmaceutical, sociological, economic, philosophical). According to the results of research in the dissertation councils NSMU annually protected 20 and 100 doctoral candidate theses, issued to 7 patents.

The university closely and fruitfully cooperates with many scientific research institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, scientific-educational and production complexes have been created for a number of years.

The university actively promotes a healthy lifestyle, many students engage in various sports. Novosibirsk State Medical University has always been famous for its sporting achievements. Today, among the students in NSMU 3 masters of sports of international class, 5 masters of sports and 40 candidates for master of sports, 99 first-grade. In competitions at various levels 226 athletes - University students have shown good results in the Universiade VAT, including boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, sambo and judo, fencing, swimming, volleyball, basketball, badminton, fitness aerobics, athletics, skiing, polyathlon, shooting. NSMU team fitness aerobics since 2008 is a multiple winner of the SFO in the category "Fitness - Aerobics" and "step - aerobics" and finalist of the Russian Championship among students.


Medical Faculty
Medical-prophylactic faculty
Faculty of Pediatrics
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Management
Faculty training and retraining of doctors
Faculty of Social Work and Clinical Psychology
Faculty of Pharmacy.


General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medical and preventive work, Clinical Psychology, Medical Biochemistry, Medical Biophysics, Social Work, Management