Established:  1932

Total students:  10000

Department: 11

Teachers:  500

  • Doctor of Science 86
  • PhD 247

Forms of education: full-time, part-time

Contact Information:  163000 Arkhangelsk, pr.Troitsky, 51

NSMU was founded in 1931. Its main goal was and still is training health professionals in the European North of our country. Gradually, the university has grown into a large and modern city center, a leading scientific activity.

Today, the structure of the university includes 60 departments,12 departments, the center of pre-university education, 11 institutions CUP RAMS, IC NWB RAO, International School of Public Health, preclinical training center, consultative-diagnostic and student health center, fitness center, health university. There are two doctoral and master's dissertation councils, established a laboratory complex Central Research Laboratory, which includes a network of modern laboratories. About 500 teachers work at the university. Among them, 1 Academician, 1 Corresponding Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, 86 doctors and professors, 247 candidates of sciences and associate professors. 62 people have honorary titles of the Russian Federation, 29 Knights of orders and medals, 24 excellence in public health.

It NSMU has a leading role in the implementation of regional policy in the field of medical education and science. Within the concept of Continuing Education, University provides training on pre-university, undergraduate, postgraduate and professional levels. The university is one of the few in Russia, where the distribution of  graduates in order to provide qualified health personnel especially the European North. NSMU is the only one among the universities of the country where a multi-level program of continuous training of doctors for the northern regions was actually introduced.

The number of students in NSMU is about 10,000, including students, interns, residents, graduate students, doctoral students.The recognition of the quality of training of medical personnel is indicated by the fact that the university is among the top ten in the ranking of 55 medical universities.In 2007, NSMU became a diplomatist, and in 2008 was awarded the "Quality system for the training of graduates of vocational education institutions".


Medical Faculty
Faculty of Pediatrics
Faculty of Dentistry
International Faculty GP
Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Biology
Medical-prophylactic faculty
Faculty of Clinical Psychology and Social Work
Faculty of adaptive physical training
Faculty of Management and Informatics
Faculty of Public Mental Health
Faculty training and retraining of specialists


Nursing, Psychology, Social work, Physical education for persons with health deviations (adaptive physical education), Economics, Management, Applied Informatics, Tourism, Merchandising, General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Medical and preventive work, Pharmacy, Medical Biochemistry , Clinical psychology, Finance and credit, Public health, Laboratory diagnostics, orthopedic Dentistry, Dental prophylaxis, Nursing