Total students:  25900

Institutions:  17

Contact Information:  Arkhangelsk, Embankment. Northern Dvina, d. 17, Bldg. 1,

NArFU Lomonosov - the only one of the leading universities in the country, located on the land territory of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation determined by presidential decree of May 2, 2014 №296.

Northern (Arctic) Federal University in Arkhangelsk, is one of the leading scientific and educational centers in the European North. NArFU provides international students with opportunities for quality higher education at undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, in the framework of joint educational programs and programs of academic mobility.

Modern education and serious scientific studies require daily cooperation between universities and research centers, not only within a country but also around the world. Scientific and educational space of the XXI century is an international and global scale. New knowledge and discoveries require cross-border discussions and continuous exchange of experience.

Today NArFU - a partner of dozens of universities around the world. Arctic focus NArFU defines our close ties with universities in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Canada and the United States. However, the number of contacts is not confined to the north-themed. We collaborate with leading universities in the UK, Germany, Poland, China, Korea and other countries. Today in NArFU students from Africa, Asia, Latin America, CIS and Baltic countries.

The tasks of the departments for international cooperation include the development of relations with universities, non-profit organizations and businesses around the world. Cooperation agreements, student exchanges, visit session of foreign scientists, joint training programs of bachelors and masters, cooperation within the Association of University of the Arctic, extrabudgetary funds for research programs - this is not the full range of activities of international services.

University of the Arctic Research Office is a subdivision NArFU reporting directly to the Advisor to the Rector for International Cooperation MR Kalinina. The research office aims to serve as a link between the Russian and foreign members of the University of the Arctic, as well as promote the Northern (Arctic) Federal University as one of the leading participants in the network.

institutions NArFU

The 17 institutes NArFU implemented educational programs level undergraduate specialties, graduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies in the natural sciences and technical disciplines in the social and human sciences, economics and management:

Institute of oil and gas;
Institute of Mathematics, information and space technologies;
Institute of Natural Sciences and Biomedicine;
Institute of construction and architecture;
Institute of Pure and Applied Chemistry;
Institute for Energy and Transport;
Forestry Institute;
Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology;
integrated security institution;
Institute of Social and Humanitarian and Political Science;
Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication;
Institute of economics and management;
Law Institute;
Institute of Physical Education, Sport and Health;
Humanitarian Institute;
Institute arctic shipbuilding and marine equipment;
Correspondence Financial and Economic Institute.