Established:  2011

Total students:  24000

Foreign students:  2500

Department:  10

Teachers:  2163

  • Doctor of Science 358
  • PhD 1484

 Contact information:  355009, Stavropol, st. Pushkin 1

SKFU is a unique scientific and educational center for the preparation of competitive personnel, characterized by a high overall personal culture and creative thinking, the ability to continuous growth. The University provides ample opportunities for intellectual, spiritual, moral, professional development and lays the foundation for successful activity in a rapidly changing world.

The priority directions of development of the University, where the main focus management efforts, financial and human resources, are:

industrial development of the North Caucasus Federal District, including nanomaterials and nanosystems, fundamental medicine, biomedical and pharmaceutical technology, food biotechnology, food safety, engineering, technology research, exploration, development of oil and gas, mining and processing;
technological infrastructure of the North Caucasus Federal District, including the provision of energy efficiency, energy savings and energy security, Development of geoinformation technologies of territorial planning, information and communication technologies, construction technologies and building materials, transport,  transport and logistics systems;
the development of the recreational potential of the North Caucasus Federal District, including tourism, hospitality, service, environment, biodiversity and environmental management;
development of social and humanitarian fields in the North Caucasus Federal District, including the development and improvement of tools and technology study of ethno-cultural, ethno-social, ethno-demographic, ethno-political processes and cross-cultural communication, the role of the Russian language as a national, all-Russian civic identity formation in the North Caucasus;
development of economic and financial institutions and the management of the North Caucasus Federal District, providing the public and the legal regulation of economic and social development of the North Caucasus Federal District, the development of civil society and democratic traditions of formation and functioning of the government.

In the North Caucasus Federal University created 10 institutions and two branches in Pyatigorsk and Nevinnomyssk. This Institute for the Humanities; Institute of Mathematics and Natural Sciences; Institute of living systems; Law Institute; Institute of economics and management; Institute of Education and Social Sciences; Oil and Gas Institute; Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications; Construction Institute, transport and mechanical engineering; Institute of electric power, electronics and nanotechnology. These units include 99 departments.

The university employs 2163 teachers, including 358 doctors and 1484 candidates of sciences. Graduation of the teaching staff - 85%,Which exceeds the 60% standard set by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The average age of the teaching staff of the University is 45 years - is the best result among the federal universities in the country.

The university enrolls more than 24 thousand people, who represent 86 nationalities. In the current academic year 2015/2016, 7500 applicants from 52 regions of Russia and 51 foreign countries became first-year students of the North Caucasus Federal University.

Research work at the University is carried out on 67 destinations in 13 research institutes and centers. The University creates conditions for the full activity of 26 academic schools and 24 scientific fields. In SKFU realized 286 training areas and specialties of higher professional education. Education at undergraduate specialties, postgraduate carried out both in full-time and in correspondence forms on a budgetary and paid basis.

Currently, 14 are implemented bilingual educational programs. For foreign students open undergraduate program "Oil and Gas Business" with partial teaching in English. Developed a similar undergraduate program in the direction of "Building".

Scientific Library of the North Caucasus Federal University is one of the best in the Russian Federation and has more than 2.5 million units. A special place in it is occupied by a unique collection of old printed books and rare editions published in the 17th century and later.

North-Caucasian Federal University carries out international cooperation in the framework of bilateral agreements with universities, scientific and educational centers in 15 countries: the Republic of Austria, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Italy, the Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Korea, the Republic of Poland, the Slovak Republic, the United Kingdom Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of Turkey, Ukraine, Federal Republic of Germany, the Czech Republic, the Republic of France.


Humanitarian Institute
Institute of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Institute of Living Systems
Institute of information technology and telecommunications
Oil and Gas Institute
Institute of electric power, electronics and nanotechnology
Institute of economics and management
Construction Institute of Transport and Mechanical Engineering
Institute of Education and Social Sciences
Law Institute