Established:  1947

Contact information:  119454, Moscow, Vernadsky prospect, 78.

Moscow Technological University recognized in Russia and in the world of modern educational and research center, combining the work of classical university tradition and modern educational technologies. Since its formation, the university has always been in step with the times and constantly expanded the range of educational programs in accordance with the country's needs in engineering personnel, while improving the quality of training and achieving recognition both in Russia and abroad. MTU is today one of the leaders in the field of training highly qualified specialists for the rapidly developing high-tech industries in science and technology: telecommunications, information and computer technology, automation, cybernetics, radio and electronics, chemistry and biotechnology.

The University implemented a unique system of learning "University - basic department - basic enterprise", which ensures high efficiency of the learning process and ensures rapid adaptation of graduates to the real conditions of modern production. MTU today - more than 50 basic departments at research institutes of RAS, Design bureaus at high-tech enterprises of the Moscow region. Through a combination of deep general scientific theoretical training and practical activities of students on the largest branch of innovative enterprises with advanced high technologies, MTU ensure effective preparation of graduates to the conditions of future operations.

MTU has an extensive network of research centers, scientific laboratories, and student design bureau.

The teaching staff of the University comprises 21 academic and corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, As well as more than 280 members of other, including international, academies and scientific societies. Famous scientific schools and world-renowned achievements of MTU scientists are the basis of strong partnerships with universities, research centers, manufacturing corporations in Germany, France, South Korea, Singapore, Finland, China, Japan and other countries. More than 500 foreign students from 30 countries are being trained at the Institute of International Studies of the University. Traditional exchanges of teaching and scientific personnel with universities of European countries and mutual internships have become traditional. Student programs of academic exchanges are actively developing, including a double diploma program.

MTU develops various forms of pre-university training, actively engaged in professional work. At the University there is an evening physics and mathematics school, Which includes more than 20 branches of sponsored schools in the Moscow region and preparatory courses.

MTU is rightly proud of its strong faculty, modern technical and material resources, active scientific work and wide international relations.