Established:  1892

Faculties:  8

Contact information:  Moscow , ul. Delegatskaya d. 20, p. 1

Founded in 1922 MSUMD had an enormous influence on the development of Russian and world dentistry. That scientists worked here achieved recognition dentistry medical discipline. Now there are 11 faculties. The work is conducted by 33 departments, internship, doctoral studies, postgraduate studies, magistracy

University is an accredited institution of higher education, and has the proper license to conduct educational activities.


Medical Faculty
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Clinical Psychology
Faculty of Economics
Faculty of additional professional education (FDPO)
Faculty of Teacher Education in Higher Medical School
Faculty of secondary vocational education
Faculty of Social Work.


Dental orthopedic, dental prophylaxis, Medicine, Nursing, Economics and Management of public health services, management, clinical psychology, dentistry