Established:  1935

Department:  14

Contact information:  305041, Kursk region, Kursk, st. Marx, 3

The University has always produced high-level specialists. Since its foundation in 1935,This oldest educational institution in Kursk has grown to the scientific center of Chernozem region. Every year, it trained more than 8000 people: students, interns, graduate students, interns. There are 14 faculties in which dozens of departments are united. About 700 qualified employees teach at the university.


Medical faculty, medical-prophylactic faculty, Faculty of Pediatrics and the WZO, Faculty of Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Faculty of Chemical Technology, Department of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Social Work, Faculty of Health Economics and Management, Faculty of Postgraduate Education (FPE), Faculty of Advanced Training (FPK) , Faculty of Pre-Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of secondary vocational education.


General medicine, pediatrics, medical and prophylactic business, clinical psychology, social work, dentistry, pharmacy, biotechnology, economics and business management, dental, orthopedic, laboratory diagnostics, economics, management, chemical engineering.