Established:  1942

Department:  7

Contact information:   660022, Krasnoyarsk, ul. Partizan Zheleznyaka, 1

KrasSMU was established in 1942.Today the institution has the status of a leader in the Far East and Siberia.Currently, the university studies at six faculties, where 61 departments work. Also pre-university preparation of entrants is conducted.

Research, international and innovative activities: There are 9 research and educational centers, 7 international centers and laboratories of the university:

Russian-French Laboratory of Integrative Anthropology
Russian-Japanese Center of Microbiology, metagenomics and Infectious Diseases
Russian-Canadian Laboratory biomolecular technologies
Russian-German Training Center of respiratory support
Russian-Lithuanian laboratory psychocorrection
Training class light microscopy Nikon
Russian-Italian Laboratory of Medical Genetics

There are 2 centers of collective use, a number of problem laboratories. Research is conducted in collaboration with universities and research centers of the Russian Federation and foreign countries (Japan, USA, Germany, France, Italy, etc.) Supported by the state task of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Grants: President of the Russian Federation research of young scientists and leading scientific schools,  Russian Foundation for basic research, the regional fund to support scientific and technical activities, the Russian science Foundation, public contracts within the framework of the federal program, as well as foundations and universities in foreign countries.

In KrasSMU there are: Innovation management, Grants and Programs Division, seven small innovative enterprises

Published by the University scientific-practical journal "Siberian Medical Review" is included in the list of HAC Russian magazines.

University is certified to conduct clinical studies and clinical trials of medical devices.

The main directions of scientific work in which the university has a leading position: neurochemistry, neurobiology, molecular and translational medicine, molecular oncology, neurology and neurorehabilitation, integrative anthropology, microbiology, cardiology and kardiogenetics, pulmonology, surgery, medical biotechnology, bioengineering, biophysics, perinatology.

KrasSMU initiated the establishment of a regional technology platform "Translational Medicine".

Every year, the University organizes 6-10 conferences and seminars with international participation, including the largest - Siberian Congress of Physiologists with international participation (2012), 5th  International Congress on respiratory support (2013), Japan-Russia International Workshop and Forum JRIW (2013), 1st  International Congress of Neuroscience (2014), the Russian-German forum (2015).

Among the most important international scientific forums of recent years should include the International Congress of Neuroscience, 19-21 June 2014. Forum held under support of RFBR grant. The meeting brought together 478 people (Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Kemerovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Zheleznogorsk, Barnaul, St. Petersburg, Astrakhan, Kanazawa, Niigata, Fukuoka, Gunma, Tokyo (Japan), Vancouver (Canada), Chicago, Alabama (USA), Porto Alegre (Brazil), Helsinki (Finland), Klaipeda (Lithuania)).

Annually in the leading scientific centers abroad 10-13 employees of the university are trained.  Two young scientists KrasSMU received his Ph.D. in  the Japanese universities.

The annual program of international exchange student participating 3-4 students. Each year, from 7 to 12 lectures in KrasSMU read foreign experts, a similar number of lectures were given abroad employees KrasSMU.

Over the past years there has been a significant increase in the number of areas of international academic mobility, a list that currently includes: neuroscience, microbiology, molecular and clinical oncology, otolaryngology, dentistry, clinical psychology, health organizations, medical information technology, medical biotechnology, cardiology and Cardiogenetics , neurorehabilitation, and others.

Therapeutic activity: clinical bases of the university are 135 medical and preventive institutions of the region.

The University has its own: Dental Clinic, University Hospital, Professorial Clinic, Department of General Practice.

KrasSMU is the winner and prize-winner of the All-Russian competitions "The University of a Healthy Way of Life".

26 employees of the University are the main freelance specialists of the Ministry of Health of the Krasnoyarsk Region.


Medical faculty, Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of pre-university and continuing education, Department of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Medical Cybernetics and Control in Health Care, Faculty of Basic Medical Education, Faculty of Pharmacy


General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Clinical Psychology, Medical Cybernetics, Social Work, Management, Nursing, Laboratory Diagnostics