Established:  1804

Total students: 47000

Foreign students: 3700

Department: 18

Teachers:  3382

  • Professors 386
  • docents 1592
  • Doctor of Science 530
  • PhD 1935
  • 34 foreign teachers

Basic educational programs for foreigners:  826

  • Undergraduate 327
  • Master 165
  • Specialty 232
  • Training of highly qualified personnel 102

Additional educational programs for foreigners:  144

  • Prevocational training program 1
  • The study of Russian as a Foreign Language 3
  • Short Program 3
  • Other programs 137

Contact information: 420008, Russia, Kazan, ul. Kremlin d. 18 CFU

CFI - one of the oldest Russian university, founded over 200 years ago. The main educational center of Tatarstan. Since 2009, the university has a federal university status.

Today, CFI is:

More than 3.2 thousand teachers and researchers;
47 thousand students;
300 bachelor directions, specialties, master's and doctoral.

CFI has nearly 40 years of experience in teaching foreigners. The University is known for its strong school of mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, linguistics. In scientific  research CFI gives priority to developments in pharmacology, biomedicine, geology, physics, chemistry, oil and gas field, nano- and information technology (IT), psychology and cultural, humanitarian, educational, and interdisciplinary areas.

CFI - this is a national research center at its disposal more than 30 scientific laboratories. Soon it plans to open new laboratories, which will guide the development of biomedicine, physics, chemistry, biology, ecology and geology.

University brings together 17 institutions, 3 higher schools and 3 branches in nearby cities. The university prepares specialists in various directions. Among them are physical, mathematical and natural sciences, computer science and computer engineering, automation and control, surveying, development of mineral resources, environmental protection, economics and management, education and pedagogy, humanities and social sciences, medicine, arts and culture, services .

International Partnership:

Kazan University has signed 200 agreements with foreign partners. Among them - the Giessen University. Liebig, Strasbourg University, Kanazawa University, Japan Research Institute, RIKEN, and many others.

In addition, the university cooperates with leading foreign companies, facilitating research and subsequent employment of its students.

Biomedicine and pharmacy

Within the framework of cooperation of KFU with the world's leading pharmaceutical companies - Novartis, Pfizer, Bayer - university students participate in joint research, attend seminars, and practice.

Collaboration of the KFU with the Fox Chase Cancer Center (USA) allows organizing scientific internships for employees and graduate students in a clinic that is one of the twenty best in the United States medical institutions in the field of oncology according to the authoritative publication US News.

Oil production, refining and petrochemicals

CFI - one of the priorities of Russian universities for Schlumberger, a global leader in the field of oil refining. Key areas of cooperation include:

Research funding;
Schlumberger employees participate in the educational process;
the allocation of scholarships for students of Kazan Federal University;
manufacturing practice and employment of graduates CFI.
Advanced materials

CFI is working with one of the leading manufacturers of plastic Albis Technologies (Switzerland).

In 2015, CFI will open a joint laboratory of antenna systems and radio propagation, together with Rohde & Schwarz - Europe's largest company for the production of radio measuring equipment.

Information and communication and space technology

In the first phase of cooperation with the Research Center of Samsung (South Korea) in the period 2014-2016. Two projects will be implemented - in the field of pattern recognition and speech technologies to identify and distinguish the sound file language.

A joint project of Samsung Junior IT & Software School , aims to prepare future engineers and technicians for the Russian IT-industry.

Microsoft Technology Laboratory KFU studies Microsoft technologies in the development of software products in the field of mobile, desktop, web applications and sites.

In cooperation CFI and IBM students studying the direction of the economy, internships, and the company's employees participate in the creation of educational-methodical documentation (on disciplines "Accounting and Financial Accounting", "Taxes and taxation", "Audit", "IFRS"), conduct interactive sessions on the problems of the modern economy.

Since 2014, the Innovation Center, the second in Russia (the first in Skolkovo), has been working at the KFU with CISCO. Within the framework of the Center, it is planned to implement existing developments to create advanced communication and data transmission systems, intelligent video surveillance systems, work in the development of Smart City and much more.