Established:  1920

Faculties:  3

Contact Information:  20012 Kazan st. Mushtari, d. 11

The Academy was founded at the beginning of the last century. Now it is a modern institution that uses advanced technology training and leading major research and development. The Academy has 3 faculties, in which scientific and educational activities are carried out by 39 departments.

Under the guidance of leading scientists of the Academy more than 60 graduate students carry out doctoral research.

Study and research work is conducted on the basis of 39 departments, grouped into three departments: surgical, therapeutic and preventive medical.

To review work for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences at the Kazan State Medical Academy are two dissertation councils, where the protection of the six specialties: radiation diagnosis, radiotherapy, nerve diseases, internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, traumatology and orthopedics. Annually more than 50 Candidate's and Doctor's dissertations are defended by employees and competitors of the Academy.


Therapeutic Department, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medical and preventive