Established:  1999

Faculties:  1

428018, Cheboksary, M. Sespela st, d. 27

The main objective of IATP - Improvement of professional skill of medical workers, retraining of doctors, scientific and research work. In training specialists used new techniques that allow to be trained in a fairly short period of time, it does not reduce its quality.

The purpose of the Institute is:

Satisfaction of the needs of specialists in obtaining knowledge about the latest achievements in medicine with the aim of updating theoretical and practical knowledge in connection with the increase in the requirements for the level of qualification and the need to master modern methods of solving professional problems, As well as to expand the skills of specialists with a view to adapting them to new economic and social conditions and conducting new professional activities, including taking into account international requirements and standards;
organization and conducting of cycles of training and retraining of doctors and nurses;
Organization and conduct of scientific research of medical activities;
scientific examination of the programs, projects, recommendations and other documents and materials on the profile of the Institute

The main types of activities of the Institute:

implementation of additional and postgraduate education: Advanced training, training and retraining of medical, managerial and scientific-pedagogical staff medical and educational institutions, health authorities in order to meet the needs of the health care system of the Republic of Chuvashia and other regions for qualified specialists;
training in clinical internship, internship, graduate and doctoral studies;
implementation of research, scientific and methodical works in the field of health and science;
forecasting, development of programs for the development and evaluation of health system performance, management models, quality control systems of care;
participate in the development of health care models, certification procedures, medical and managerial personnel, licensing and accreditation of health care institutions;
analysis, examination of national health programs, projects to reform the industry;
create a bank of information, network information in the health system of the Chuvash Republic, the preparation and publication of scientific-methodical and other publishing products, the organization of exchange of experience, conferences, symposia, conferences on topical health issues, exhibitions, competitions etc .;
participation in the implementation of health cooperation programs implemented by institutions and organizations of the Russian Federation, CIS and foreign countries;
provision of medical services to the population.


Faculty training and retraining of specialists