Established:  1932

Faculties:  8

Contact information:  367000, Republic of Dagestan, Makhachkala, pl. Lenin 1

Дагестанская государственная медакадемия

DSMA was founded in 1932. Since then, tens of thousands of talented medical profesionals have graduated from it. When teaching students, the institution uses innovative technologies, with due attention to the traditions and accumulated experience.

Today Dagestan State Medical Academy - a major educational, scientific and medical center, the structure of which consists of 8 faculties, a large private database for basic and paraclinical disciplines, an extensive network of clinical sites of all profiles (40), 70 departments, Headed by doctors of sciences, Prof., Research Institute of human ecology of mountain territories, consultative-diagnostic polyclinic, a medical college,Center for employment of graduates of the Academy, information and computing department, technical support center, analytical department, Internet center, scientific medical library, sports complex, publishing and printing center.


Medical faculty, Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of extrabudgetary training, medical-prophylactic faculty


Pharmacy, cardiology, pediatrics, public health manager, Dentistry