Established: 2010

Total students: 7797

Foreign students: 350

Department: 12

Teachers: 776

  • Professors 120
  • 375 associate professors
  • Doctor of Science 130
  • PhD 432
  • 26 foreign teachers

Basic educational programs for foreigners: 139

  • Undergraduate 46
  • Master 27
  • Specialty 4
  • Training of highly qualified personnel 62

Additional educational programs for foreigners: 17

  • prevocational training program 2
  • The study of Russian as a Foreign Language 4
  • Short Program 8
  • Other programs 3

Forms of education: full-time

Contact information: 236016, Russia, Kaliningrad, ul. Alexander Nevsky d. 14, BFU

Institute of Science: 1
Research Center: 1
Education and Research Center: 5
Research Institute: 1
Research Center: 8
Research Laboratory: 26
Technopark: 1
Business Incubator: 1
Design Bureau 1

BFU  - Center for Science and Education, located in the western region of Russia, one of the 10 federal universities of Russia. Honorable status university received in 2010. In the next 5 years the university has implemented a large-scale "development program" in the amount of 5 billion rubles. In 2015, the BFU  was the winner of the project to improve the competitiveness of Russian universities abroad.

The main mission of the university - the formation of a leading national university center in the industries employing the latest achievements in the field of biomedical, neuro and nanotechnology. Basic research in these areas are aimed at the extension of human life and improving its quality.

University prepares qualified experts in demand on the international labor market. For students developed more than 300 different levels of programs: secondary, higher, further and postgraduate education. University infrastructure includes 53 buildings, among them there own clinic and diagnostic center. University grows and develops, so for 5 years, the total area occupied by the BFU , it increased by 3.5 times.

BFU  is focused on innovation, but at the same time trying to maintain academic traditions of its predecessor - the famous Königsberg Albertina University. This is one of the oldest universities in Europe, it was founded in the 16th century. Over the years there taught prominent scientists, among them: Lindeman, Herder, Jacobi, Bessel, Hurwitz, Hilbert, Helmholtz; listened to lectures Donelaitis and Hoffman. But the most significant figure, of course, the great philosopher Immanuel Kant. His name is forever linked with the University of Königsberg and cultural history of all mankind.