Established:  1918

Faculties:  12

Contact information:  414000, Astrakhan, ul. Bakinskaya, 121

One of the largest universities in the south of the country, was founded in November of 1918 Every year more than 4000 students are enrolled here. The teaching staff consists of more than 80 highly skilled employees - Honored doctors and scientists, health honors.Institutional developments in the field of treatment and diagnostics are being introduced into the practice of Astrakhan and Russian medicine. The academy has 11 faculties and 65 departments. In 26 specialties graduate school operates on 3 - Doctorate.


Medical faculty, Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical-prophylactic faculty, Department of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Management, senior nursing and nursing education, Faculty of Management and Higher Nursing Education, Faculty of medical education (medical school), Faculty of Foreign Students , Faculty of Postgraduate Studies, preparatory department.


General Medicine, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, Medical and preventive work, clinical psychology, dentistry, nursing, midwifery, dentistry prevention