Established:  1943

Total students:  35764

Foreign students:  2004

Department:  32

Teachers:  2379

  • Professors 242
  • Docents 1250
  • Doctor of Science 306
  • PhD 1267

Basic educational programs for foreigners:  217

  • Undergraduate 75
  • Master 42
  • 9 Specialty
  • Preparation of highly qualified personnel 91

Additional educational programs for foreigners:  8

  • The study of Russian as a Foreign Language 3
  • Short program 5

Forms of training:

  • Full-time
  • correspondence
  • part-time
  • remote

Contact information:  454080, Russia, Chelyabinsk, Prospekt Lenina 76, SUSU.

world-class laboratories: 13
Research institutes: 5
Research Centers: 33

South Ural State University - a research university with more than 70-year history, the university has long since been deservedly high reputation in the region. Today, the South Ural State University undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate master more than 40 thousand students, including 2000 - the citizens of 37 foreign countries. For the quality of the educational process is responsible for more than 3 thousand teachers. Located in the heart of Eurasia, at the crossroads of major trade and cultural flows, welcoming multicultural environment, an unusual combination of industry-developed and unique in its beauty of nature make our university is an ideal place for training, new discoveries and the development of international cooperation.

Currently, as part of the university 32 faculties and institutes, 7 world-class laboratories and 33 research centers. Due to such leading directions as rocket science, engineering and supercomputer technologies, the University occupies a leading position in the international research market.

Internationalization is important for the strategic development of the university. SUSU annually visit foreign professors, lecturers, researchers who come to share knowledge and experience. South Ural State University - is the alma mater for more than 200 thousand people. The vast majority of graduates work in the specialty in the largest Russian and foreign companies. Among the graduates of SUSU - successful businessmen, politicians and scientists from around the world. High rates of research and achievements, as well as consistently stable quality of education indicators enable HEI to hold the position, not only in the national (Interfax - 62, ExpertRA - 42), but also in the global rankings (QS-BRICS - 151-200, RankPro - 412 ).

international partnership

SUSU is active international cooperation on the issues of science, culture and education. In 2015, the University has signed over hundreds of documents on cooperation with several countries: Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Germany, USA, China, Finland, Czech Republic. SUSU interacts with branches of Rossotrudnichestvo worldwide.

The university is one of the current members of the Association of Technical Universities of Russia and China (ATURK), involved in the work of the Shanghai Organization, as well as other scientific and educational institutions.

The Susu are summer field schools, partnerships double degree program with universities in China, together with the United States graduate of Clark University and Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland). All proposed programs are designed and SUSU students, and foreign citizens.

The cost of training and lodging to South Ural State University

  • Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering (Profile: Renewable Energy)
  • Mechatronics and Robotics (Profile: Mechatronics)
  • Economics (Profile: International economics and trade)
  • Management (Profile: Business and Management)
  • Fundamental Informatics and Information technologies (Profile: Database technologies)
  • Heat and Power Engineering (Profile: Heat Power Engineering)
  • Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering (Profile: Electrical Power Engineering)
  • Mechatronics and Robotics (Profile: Mechatronics)
  • Economics (Profile: Commerce on the international market of goods and services)
  • Management (Profile: Strategic and innovative management)
  • Philology (Profile: Theory and practice of English)
  • Mathematics (Profile: Partial differential equations)
  • Applied mathematics and physics (Profile: Biophotonics and physical methods for human beings)
  • Chemistry (Profile: Сhemistry for environmental engineering)
  • Informatics and Computers (Internet of things)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Profile: Welding Engineering)
  • Business informatics (Profile: Business Analytics)
  • Journalism (Profile: Media communications)
Tuition fee 208000 - 223000 rubles per year ($3 300-3500)

1484 USD for Preparatory course (Russian language). The course duration is 1 academic year.

Accommodation fee is about 17 USD per month.