Established:  1919

Department:  10

Contact Information:  Samara, Chapaevskaya, d 89.

Samara State Medical University  was organized in 1919 when, in accordance with the Decree of People's Commissars of the RSFSR medical faculty was opened at the Samara State University. For almost an age-old history of its development, our university has passed a long, In many ways an innovative way and has turned into one of the largest and most authoritative universities in Russia.

University today - is a modern multi-level system of continuous training of civilian specialists with higher medical, pharmaceutical, economic and humanitarian education from secondary schools to doctoral studies.

High rank University Samara State Medical University confirms the wide spectrum of educational and scientific activities. The University consists of 11 faculties and 80 departments, private clinics and 3 educational institution. High scientific potential of the university is determined 7 research institutes.

Today the University has a high social and state recognition. So, lately Samara State Medical University became the winner of the competition "European quality" in the "hundred best universities of Russia", and the rector of the university academician GP Kotelnikov thrice confessed "Rector of the Year" and awarded a personal diploma as a university manager of the XXI century and the Scientist of the Year . He received a personal diploma when awarding the University with the International Prize "Profession - Life".

The university has extensive academic links with foreign universities - it is part of the International Association of Medical Schools in Europe. University scientists have made a significant contribution to the development of national and world medical science. For a number of research directions University occupies a leading position in the country and enjoys a good reputation in Russia and abroad.

The 6 dissertation councils in 15 specialties University work successfully. Training of researchers in graduate and doctoral studies carried out on 38 specialties.


Medical Faculty
Medical-prophylactic faculty
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Pediatrics
Faculty of Pharmacy
Department of Medical Psychology
Economics and Management Faculty of Health
Faculty training foreign students
Preparatory Faculty
Faculty of teacher training and retraining


nursing, social work, management, general medicine, pediatrics, dentistry, preventive health, pharmacy, clinical psychology