Established:  1956

Institutions: 19

Contact information:  677000, Russia, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), 677000, Yakutsk, ul. Belinsky, d. 58.

North-Eastern Federal University named after MK Ammosov is one of 10 federal universities in the country that are focused on solving geopolitical problems and meeting the human resources needs of large inter-regional investment projects.

The NEFU was officially established in April 2010 on the basis of the Yakutsk State University named after M.K. Ammosov, a university with a 75-year history.

University named after Maxim Kirovich Ammosov, prominent statesman, an outstanding son of the Yakut people, one of the founders of the state of Yakutia and Kyrgyzstan.

The teaching staff consists of 1592 people. (With external part), including 1360 basic staff. Total - 191 doctors and 873 candidates of sciences.

The University consists of 6 research institutes, 13 institutes and 5 faculties and 3 branches - Polytechnic Institute in the town of Mirny, the Technical Institute in the city of Neryungri and Chukotka branch, which was opened in late 2010 in the city of Anadyr and 2 colleges and 1 Lyceum.

The University has a well-developed infrastructure of scientific and educational complex has modern equipment for the development of basic and applied research.

Material and technical base NEFU includes 40 educational and laboratory buildings, a cultural center "Sergelyakh lights" Nohtuysky ground, athletics arena "Youth", swimming pool "Dolgun" ski base, the power plant network "Sergeleeh". One of the major components of the campus are modern, comfortable dormitories total floor area of ​​88340 square meters, furnished in accordance with modern requirements. For non-residents and international students to create a comfortable living environment and education, as academic buildings are within walking distance of the campus.


Pedagogical Institute
Institute of Medicine
Institute of Natural Sciences
Financial and Economic Institute
Mathematics and Computer Science Institute
Physico-Technical Institute
Engineering School
Institute of Physical Culture and Sports
Institute of Foreign Philology and Regional Studies
Institute of psychology
Institute of Language and Culture of the Peoples of the North-East of Russia
Institute of Technology