Recall that the “Cultural Environment” project, implemented by the Mari State University, is intended to give our students and staff affordable and relevant knowledge about the world of art, as well as acquaint them with the cultural heritage of the republic and the country.

Within the framework of this project, a number of interesting events have already been successfully carried out: visiting exhibitions of masterpieces of visual arts, public lectures, sand animation shows, and so on. Each time, an increasing number of participants join the “Cultural Environment”, and now, on May 5, foreign students of the Medical Faculty of MarSU traveled to the Yurino village in order to learn more about its unique cultural objects.

Under the guidance of the guide, the guys inspected the famous Sheremetev Castle, its secret rooms and impressive state halls. MarSU students were told about the history of the sights, told several interesting legends and, of course, introduced them to the peculiarities of architecture.

It is worth noting that within the framework of the Cultural Environment project and the MarSU Foreign Students Adaptation Program, in May and June, the guys will visit many more excursions in our Republic of Mari El.

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