January 10, 2019, students of 113 and 117 groups of the faculty of foreign students plunged into a fabulous, fun and mysterious world of New Year's adventures.

New Year and Christmas - the most wonderful, most fabulous holidays that adults and children are waiting with the same joy and hope. These are the most sincere, the most fun and the kindest holidays both in Russia and in India.

The city palace of children's creativity in Orenburg and the creative workshop “Class Company” held an unforgettable holiday for our students, showing all the hospitality, soulful generosity and beauty of the Russian soul. Famous Russian fairy tales looked in at the feast: Baba Yaga, the Snow Queen, the Fairy. The most important characters, of course, were Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

In response, student of the 113th group, Tanvi Godball, performed a national Indian song, while girls of the 117th group showed fiery Indian dances.

There were a lot of contests, dances, laughter and positive.