Established:  1992

Total students:  27000

Foreign students:  1600

Department:  20

Teachers:  2500

  • Professors 455
  • 906 associate professors
  • Doctor of Science 387
  • PhD 1464
  • Foreign teachers 120

Basic educational programs for foreigners:  239

  • Undergraduate 58
  • Master 125
  • Specialty 1
  • Training of highly qualified personnel 55

Additional educational programs for foreigners:  7

  • Prevocational training programs 6
  • The study of Russian as a Foreign Language 1

Forms of training:

  • Full-time
  • correspondence
  • part-time
  • remote

Contact information:  101000, Russia, Moscow, ul. Myasnitskaya d. 20, the HSE

Higher School of Economics - a national research university located in Moscow, and has branches in St. Petersburg, Perm and Nizhny Novgorod. The School of Economics offers a wide range of educational programs - from the undergraduate and graduate programs to MBA, DBA and additional professional education.

The fundamental nature of learning and the opportunity to have a 1st course to participate in research projects and studies alongside reputable scientists from Russia and other countries of the HSE allows graduates to succeed in the profession.

Higher School of Economics - the first state university in Russia, which began to recruit foreign teachers. Today, the university employs more than 100 faculty members from 25 countries, all taught 2,500 people at the university.

The HSE students have practice in leading international companies. With a choice of profession helps them set up at the university's career development center and university incubator of startups annually conducts a competition - one of the largest in Russia.

international partnership

More than 340 programs of partnership agreements with foreign universities and organizations.
More than 120 student exchange programs.
40 double degree programs with major foreign universities.
21 the English master program together with leading foreign institutions.

The main foreign universities-partners

Erasmus University, The Netherlands.
ESCP Europe, Europe.
Kyoto University, Japan.
London School of Economics, UK.
University of Bologna, Italy.
Fudan University, China.
Humboldt University Berlin, Germany.
Indiana University in Bloomington, USA.
University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France.